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How can we help Starbucks employees find the information they need?

Mentor Creative Group, a design firm in Seattle, hired me as a UX Design contractor to work on a major re-design of the Starbucks intranet - the Partner Hub. I led the Information Architecture, Usability Testing, and User Research for our design team.


Unfortunately, I cannot publicly share my design deliverables due to Starbucks policy. If you're interested in learning more about this project, please contact me for a portfolio review.

We re-designed the Partner Hub so that Starbucks employees can find the information they need quickly and efficiently. My role included initiating User Research with Starbucks employees, conducting weekly Usability Testing in an Agile environment, analyzing and sharing test results with our design team and Starbucks stakeholders, streamlining the site's taxonomy, and improving the Information Architecture framework.


•   Role: UX Designer, Information Architect, User Researcher
•   Tools: Axure, Marvel, Illustrator, Photoshop, OptimalSort
•   Timeline: January to March 2016 (3 months)



•   Kurt: Lead UX Designer, Visual Designer
•   Alison: UX Designer, Lead Information Architect, Lead User Researcher


During this project, I worked closely with Starbucks stakeholders to balance business goals and user needs. My work included a full UX Audit of the site's existing framework and recommendations for improvement based on User Research and Heuristic Evaluations.

We conducted extensive open and closed card sorting exercises with different user types to understand how employees used the Partner Hub, and where they expected to find information. After analyzing this data, I created easy-to-understand sitemaps to share with our stakeholders.

I built and implemented a Usability Test plan and strategy for the Partner Hub re-design. I conducted interviews and surveys with users to prioritize content for dashboard views. I led moderated and unmoderated Usability Tests with Starbucks employees. The results of my Usability Testing allowed our team to make informed design decisions and iterations throughout the project.



The Starbucks leadership was very excited about our proposals and designs. Starbucks planned to implement our re-designed Partner Hub throughout 2016.

Here's what the Design Lead for this project, had to say about my work:

"Alison came to us while we were already several months into the project. We were really looking for someone who didn’t need a lot of background but could run with the challenges faced ahead. She was a perfect fit. The client was high profile who looked to us for guidance uplifting their content heavy intranet site. Alison’s challenge was to test the proposed information architecture, improve the method for how we test, and convey the results to our stakeholders with recommendations. She not only did this with detail and expertise that educated our team, but also did so fast and efficiently. So fast, that she was able to extend her support with design quality assurance and project management. Her time with us was short, unfortunately, but highly impactful."
-- Kurt Hinz, UX / UI Director

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