UX Design
About me and my design process


Harvard graduate. Eager to learn. Efficient and effective.

I am a UX Designer with over 15 years of relevant experience in content creation and project management of creative teams. I’m enthusiastic about understanding user needs, distilling product complexities down to their essences, and creating IA frameworks that are logical and efficient. I value working with organizations positioned to deliver innovative, impactful user experiences.

I use my creative and organizational skills to create products that empower users. It's crucial that user insights are based on data rather than assumptions. I find it satisfying to design solutions that balance creativity with data-driven analytics. I understand the importance of balancing resources - cost, time, developer resources - while striving to create seamless user experiences.



"Organization is Alison’s super power! Highly efficient and effective, she is always looking for ways to optimize a situation. She delights in designing logical solutions to complex problems. Alison uses her strong IA and organizational skills to create intelligent, easy-to-use frameworks for user experiences. She’s a thoughtful and intelligent strategist who understands the importance of balancing user and business needs. Alison exceeded my expectations in the research and strategy aspects of UX Design. Alison brings a wealth of experience from advertising and running her own businesses with her, and it shows! She brought an organized and well-reasoned approach to her teams, along with a positive attitude, and a true sense of leadership. Plus, she’s whip smart, picks up new skills quickly, and is always eager to learn more. She would be an asset to any design team, and I highly recommend working with her!" -- Ashley Karr, Senior UX Designer

“Alison maintained focus and structure, organized impeccably, and showed excellent project management skills. She kept things moving when they needed to but was willing to circle back around once necessary tasks had been completed. She always had the right research data to back up her design decisions, which were always thoughtfully executed.” -- Patrick Heckethorn, UX Designer

“Alison is amazing at organizing and analyzing data. She brought a lot of information that covered the scope of the domain. Her ideas keep us really grounded and moving forward, she kept us on track and reminded us to timebox. Strengths: finding data, research, analyzing, organizing information. Super strength: ability to re-interpret more complicated data quickly and make it really understandable, break it down. Oh, and PhotoShop skills - so great.” -- Diana Rodriguez, UX Designer


I always start by asking "what problem are we solving for our user?" My UX Design process includes research, planning, designing, prototyping, and testing. I'll circle back to iterate the design based on the results of the regular User Research and testing, and improve the interaction design as much as possible within our timeframe. I have a comprehensive UX Design toolkit that I can use for each project to give me insights into the user's goals, motivations, and behaviors.